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Fondue-Ship on December 17th 2021

Enjoy Fondue Chinoise oder Fondue with cheese.

Dear visitors,
the scheduled sailing offers 2021 is now over we would like to thank all guests who have enjoyed the wonderful tours on Lake Constance with us this season. Start of liner shipping again from April 10th 2022! If you are still looking for a ship experience, you have the opportunity to participate in our numerous event & adventure cruises. From pleasure, entertainment and dance cruises, the entertainment program offers numerous possibilities! Find out more here!



Schedule sailing Lake Constance 2022

Guests can travel from Bregenz Harbour in the direction of Constance via Lindau, Wasserburg, Nonnenhorn, Kressbronn, Langenargen, Friedrichshafen, Immenstaad, Hagnau, Meersburg and Mainau Island again on April 10th 2022. 

Saison-Card: Schifffahrt in der ganzen Saison

Saison Card for the Lake Constance

With the "Saison Card" season card 2022 the entire Lake Constance is yours!   In generall with the season card, all scheduled sailings of the VSU can be used (Vereinigte Schifffahrtsunternehmen für den Bodensee und Rhein). Exceptions: Ferry Friedrichshafen - Romanshorn and Constance - Meersburg.   You can take tours from Austria to Germany, or to Switzerland,  back and forth as you wish. Guests can even switch schips, change routs, no restraits. With the Season Card you hop on and off as you like. A variety of destinations around the lake can be flexibly discovered from expected 10th April until October 16th 2022 No waiting times at the sales desk, because you already have your Season-Card.   PURCHASE OF SEASON CARD 2022 available November 1st 2021!

Timetables & prices

Scheduled sailings from harbour Bregenz to Constance now possible!  Guests can travel several times daily from Bregenz Harbour in the direction of Constance via Lindau, Wasserburg, Nonnenhorn, Kressbronn, Langenargen, Friedrichshafen, Immenstaad, Hagnau, Meersburg and Mainau Island. 
Schnellkurs Bregenz - Konstanz

Express Connection to Meersburg, Mainau and Constance

Express Connection to Meersburg, Mainau and Constance 2021 From September 13th until October 3rd 2021 the express connection is available on Saturday and Sunday   The trip to Meersburg, and the Island of Mainau or to Constance would take about 4 hours, with the express connection you save more than 1 hour compared to the regular travel time. Departure and arrival times : departure 09.40 Bregenz harbor / arrival Lindau 10.02 / arrival Meersburg 11.50 / arrival  Mainau 12.20 / arrival Constance 12.50   departure 14.35 Constance / arrival Mainau 15.10 / arrival Meersburg 15.30 / arrival Lindau 17.20 / arrival Bregenz 17.47 Save about 1 hour time in comparison to the regular cruise liner with stopp at every station. Prices 2021: from/ to Bregenz  one-way back and forth Lindau 6,60 13,20 Meersburg 18,20 36,40 Mainau 19,40 38,80 Konstanz 19,40 38,80 Valdi from April 02nd 2021- Alle prices in €, per adult.  (Children and group prices are available at the cashier station) 

Our Tips for the best trips

Our Tips for the best trips In 2021, great highlights await visitors again at Lake Constance. In addition to the popular and famous Lake Constance attractions such as Mainau Island, the Zeppelin Museum, the Meersburg, the Pfahlbaumuseum and many more, the State Garden Show in Überlingen and the State Garden Show in Lindau are taking place for the first time! The discounted combined tickets ship + sight help the portmonait and the comfortable journey by ship - without any parking stress - make the perfect day out unforgettable.   Due to the  COVID-19 pandemic the opening hours may vary as mentioned on the website and certain restrictions/limitations in visiting sights may be the case. We kindly ask for your understanding and advise you to visit the homepages directly of the shightseeing partners itself!   The team of the Vorarlberg Lines  

Free Transport

Free approach for all visitors of the Vorarlberg Lines cruises and round trip tours when they approach with public transportation. (Exception: scheduled sailings, special or event journeys)