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Tropical Night Boat on July 22nd

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The Island of Flowers, Mainau

12,000 rose bushes in summer and 250 varieties of dahlias in autumn seduce you with their scents and invite you to choose the most beautiful blooms. The shrub and insect gardens, one of the largest butterfly houses of Germany, the Mainau Kinderland children’s amusement facilities with treasure hunts for kids, as well as the most lordly and cultural celebrations count to immensely popular attractions.

The White Fleet says welcome to the island of flowers! The island of Mainau is open all year round from sunrise to sunset. Info: +49 (0) 7531 / 303-0

Click here for: The Island of Flowers, Mainau

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Stadtmuseum Lindau - Lindau Town Museum

Between Heaven and Earth. Pictorial worlds of Paul Klee. A cultural highlight 2016 | 1st Apriluntil 27th August The exhibition Paul Klee (1879-1940) took his place in the history of Classic Modern art as a painter-poet with a distinctive visual language. He is considered to be one of the most significant artists of the 20th century. The multifaceted oeuvre of this artist, who was also musically gifted, manifests an exuberant abundance of motifs and themes, coherently composed harmonies of colours and forms, as well as a great enthusiasm for experimentation. Klee was by no means an eccentric artistic genius, but a personality with a philosophical view of the world, and a reliable Bauhaus and academy professor. Paul Klee in Lindau With an exhibition of works by Paul Klee in 2017, the curator Professor Roland Doschka continues the series on Classic Modernism art at Lindau’s municipal museum. Once again the loans originate from prominent European private collections, museums, and art foundations. They allow a broad look at the work of yet another leading representative of the artistic avant-garde of the 20th century. Click here for:  Stadtmuseum Lindau - Lindau Town Museum

Sea Life Constance

As a visitor, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating underwater world at Sea Life Constance, looking many  fish straight in the eyes.  In the glass tunnel, marvel at the colourful world of the Red Sea, and submerge together with some turtles and sharks. At the end of the tour, glistening ice and freezing cold await you: in Antarctica ten bustling gentoo penguins are looking forward to greeting you!

Meersburg Castle

Opening hours: November 10:00 am until 6:00pm daily

Take a ship to Meersburg and start a journey to the age of chivalry. Experience the magic of yesteryear in the oldest occupied castle in Germany, the origin of which, as legend has it, goes back to the 7th century.


Free Transport

Auch 2016 fahren Gäste der Vorarlberg Lines mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln wieder gratis zu allen Bodensee-Kreuzfahrten (dies sind Rund-, Sonder- und Eventfahrten, ausgeschlossen sind Kursfahrten in die Häfen des Bodenseeufers).


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