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Scheduled sailings

Scheduled sailings will run several times daily from 9th April until Sunday, 15th October from Bregenz Harbour to many destinations on Lake Constance (Lindau, Friedrichshafen, Mainau Island etc.). 

Group rates for groups of 10 persons and above


Take the chance to get away for a while with our special tours.  You can experience three countries in one go by taking our ‘Three Country Panoramic Tour’.  Or, you can discover the very best of Bregenz on the ‘Bay of Bregenz Tour’.

Group rates for groups of 10 persons and above

Lake Constance cruises (outings and special trips)

Over 40 different excursions and special tours provide the variety you are looking for on Lake Constance:  whether you choose brunch cruises on Sundays from the 16th April to 29th October, Fleet Rally Cruise, Mother’s Day Cruise, Pasta-Party Cruise, Evening Cruise with BBQ Buffet, The traditional ‘Heurigen’ evening cruise, the ‘Kässpätzlepartie’ cruise with a local speciality on the menu, the Game Platter Cruise, the Fondue Cruise, the Gourmet Cruise or the Evening Tour with Martini goose on the menu - There is something for everyone here including companies looking for that special outing.

Group rates for groups of 10 persons and above

Charter a ship

For large groups it is worthwhile to travel under your „own flag“.  Charter a ship with Vorarlberg Lines with the captain and the whole crew and you can decide for yourself what your destination is.