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Fireworks Friedrichshafen


There are lots of spectacular firework displays to admire on and around the lake in the summertime. The fireworks reflected in the lake water have a particular charm and that is most impressive viewed from our ship. Come on board and join us in marvelling at the fireworks in Friedrichshafen. 


departure harbor Bregenz 20.30 / arrival harbor Bregenz 00.30 / entry 20.00

Package price incl. ship tour, Welcome Drink(PIER69 - On Board), fireworks display fee, table booking, connections VVV

Adults € 53.00
Groups € 50.80
Children € 27.50

incl. optional dish

Adults € 68.00
Groups € 65.10
Children € 37.50

Optional dish (selection can be made on the ship):
- Lumpensalat with pastries
- Caesar salad with chicken breast or vegetarian
- Chicken breast with mushroom ragout and Spätzle or
- Vegetarian mushroom ragout with Spätzle