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Timetables & prices

Traditionally our scheduled sailings take place from Easter to mid-October, several times daily from Bregenz Harbour in the direction of Constance via Lindau, Wasserburg, Nonnenhorn, Kressbronn, Langenargen, Friedrichshafen, Immenstaad, Hagnau, Meersburg and Mainau Island.

Take advantage of our combination offers (ship journey + entry fee) to Mainau Island, Sea Life Konstanz, the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen, the ancient lake settlement museum Pfahlbauten Unteruhldingen and the old castle, Burg Meersburg.


Coming soon the "Fahrplan2019 ". It shows the timetable for all the scheduled sailings on the Lake Constance.

Prices and Special Sales

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Saison Card 2019

From April 14th until October 20th 2019 ships of the Vorarlberg Lines, the BSB, the SBS and the URH tour on the Lake Constance. In total guests have the possibility to use the ships on more than  200 days in one season and travel from  Bregenz all the way to  Schaffhausen, so the entire Lake Constance! Guests have the possibility to buy a "Saison-Card" which makes the use of the ship tours on the lake possible all season round.


Season card is not valid for:
Bodensee-cruises and additional Special crusies
Bodensee-Fähre Romanshorn - Friedrichshafen
Bodman - Überlingen
Autofähre Konstanz - Meersburg
Roundabout trafic and Spcecial cruises with the Katamaran
Special Tours Immenstaad - Hagnau - Altnau


Saison Card for adults until February 28th 2019 € 210,-  
Saison Card for adults from March 1st 2019 € 250,-  
Saison Card for child   € 26,-  
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Tariff Roundabout Trafic 2019

From Bregenz to one-way back and forth
Lindau 6,40 12,80
Wasserburg 10,00 20,00
Nonnenhorn 11,80 23,60
Kressbronn 11,80 23,60
Langenargen 13,80 27,60
Friedrichshafen 15,80 31,60
Immenstaad 16,60 33,20
Hagnau 17,80 35,60
Meersburg 17,80 35,60
Konstanz 19,00 38,00
Mainau 19,00 38,00
Überlingen 19,00 38,00

Valid from 14.04.2019- All prices in €

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Tariff Roundabout trafic 2019 - GROUPS

From Bregenz to one-way back and forth
Lindau 5,60 11,20
Wasserburg 8,60 17,20
Nonnenhorn 10,20 20,40
Kressbronn 10,20 20,40
Langenargen 11,80 23,60
Friedrichshafen 13,60 27,20
Immenstaad 13,80 27,60
Hagnau 15,20 30,40
Meersburg 15,20 30,40
Konstanz 16,20 32,40
Mainau 16,20 32,40
Überlingen 16,20 32,40

Valid from January 1st 2019- All prices in € 


  • The group price is valid, starting with a group size of 10 persons, and when at least 10 adult tickets could be sold. Tow cids, for half price make up as for one adult
  • On the ships of the Swiss Schifffahrtsgesllschaft Untersee and Rhein (UrH) additionally the swiss tariff systems and terms are valid.
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Bicycle 2019 (prices are coming soon)

On all roundtrip ships bicycles are transported, if enough space is available, and the infrastructure and capacity of the ships allows to. If big bicycle groups wish to travel per ship, a early booking is requested!




Children (6-15 years)

Bicycle single card (until 11km)
z.B. Bregenz - Lindau

€ 4,70

halber Preis

Bicycle single card (from 12 km)

€ 6,30

halber Preis

Bicocle day-ticket
valid for one day on all roundtrip ships according to timetable, except the distance Insel Reichenau – Schaffhausen as well as
Überlingen - Bodman

€ 9,50

€ 9,50

More trips– Bicylce card
Scorecard with 20 value fields (valid for 1 year)
-With distances for (single Trip)
- up to 11 km are 1 field
- from 12 km 2 fields are voided.

€ 46,70

Auch ab 12 km nur 1 Wertfeld

Bicycle-Year- Card in connection with the SAISON-Card adults or SAISON-Card children
same validity period as SAISON-Card
(1 calendar year). The bicycle-year card is valid on all ships on tht Lake Constance except the diestance Überlingen - Bodman.

€ 67,00

€ 67,00

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VSU - Bodensee-Kinderkarte (ticket for children) (prices 2019 coming soon)

For 6,70€ you get a reduced day ticket (the so called "Bodensee-Kinderkarte") for all kids or grand-children in the age of 6-15 years accompanied by the parents or grand-parents with a day-ticket. The ticket is valid on all roundtirp tour ships.

With the  Bodensee-Kinderkarte all kids can travel als often as they like on this day per boat. Which means also a family with 4 kids pays only 6,70 € once.