Über Uns Vorarlberg Lines

About us

We are the Austrian shipping company on Lake Constance, with our ‘home’ port in Bregenz. As a member of the "Shipping Company Association for Lake Constance and the Rhine", we operate the scheduled shipping on the German side of Lake Constance. In combination with our other business areas, tours and charters, our independent, private company aims to create more added-value for the entire region and its population.

To achieve this, we invest in excellence in all our business areas by ensuring the highest standards through systematic quality management. The continuous development of the company through the optimisation of our services, including the expansion of our range and opening up of new Markets and collaborations, has top priority for us. Transparency, environmental awareness and an active regard for tradition are the values ​​we uphold in everything that we do.

Of course, this can only be achieved through our dedicated team of employees who are motivated to think and act independently with the idea of good business in mind. With flexibility, professionalism and friendliness we want to exceed customer expectations and delight you with our services in shipping and gastronomy. Through this we can guarantee the lasting success of our company and our position as a reliable and fair employer and partner.

A ship, the lake and you.