Saison-Card: Schifffahrt in der ganzen Saison

Saison Card for the Lake Constance

With the "Saison Card" season card 2024 the entire Lake Constance is yours!


In generall with the season card, all scheduled sailings of the VSU can be used (Vereinigte Schifffahrtsunternehmen für den Bodensee und Rhein). Exceptions: Ferry Friedrichshafen - Romanshorn and Constance - Meersburg.  

You can take tours from Austria to Germany, or to Switzerland,  back and forth as you wish. Guests can even switch schips, change routs, no restraits.

  • With the Season Card you hop on and off as you like.
  • A variety of destinations around the lake can be flexibly discovered from expected 29th March until October 13th 2024
  • No waiting times at the sales desk, because you already have your Season-Card.

Price for the Saison Card 2024

Saison Card for adults

 regular price € 310,-

Saison-Card for a child

 price (6 - 15 years) € 30,-
Saison-Card for a child including bike  price (6 - 15 years) including bike € 70,-

bike adult*

 regular price         € 80,–

*Bike can not be trasported on the route Insel Reichenau <-> Schaffhausen


If you have any questions concerning the purchase, withdrawel, or in case of loss od the season card please contact:

Barbara Endrich
Tel.: 05574/42868-230