Mexican Cruise
Mexican cuisine on Lake Constance

Mexican cuisine on Lake Constance

Delicious mexican food and a wonderful view on board our ship.  The ship tour takes festival grounds, the “skyline” of Bregenz and returns at the mouth of the Rhine, along the German bank to the port of Lindau and Bregenz. There are also refreshing drinks on board from the PIER69 restaurant - On Board (charges apply).

Mexican cuisine buffet:

  • Starters buffet: Mexican gaspacho, corn and bean salad, coleslaw with jalapenos, leaf lettuce, Mexican dressing
  • Main courses buffet: Fajitas with beef, chicken, vegetables, dips, toppings; stuffed peppers with rice, beans and cheese; Frijoles Charros (Savory Bean Stew)
  • Dessert (served): Tres Leches cake with berry sorbet

Ship for this cruise: MS Stadt Bregenz (subject to change)

Schedule and prices

Friday June 14th, Tuesday July 02nd, 16th and August 13th 2024

Entry 19.00 / departure harbour Bregenz 19.30 / arrival harbour  Bregenz 21.30

Price inkl. boat trip , mexican cuisine buffet (PIER69 – On Board), table reservation, arrival / departure vmobil
Adult  € 62,00

Group € 59,30

Child € 36,80

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