"The" Vorarlberg specialty on the lake: Try the mellow “Kässpätzle”-pasta combined with a blend of the full-flavoured, local cheeses topped with fried onions. After this plentiful meal, you can try a wide variety of Schnapps from the region - the Prince distillery is happy to invite you.  Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere inside the ship during this two-hour tour, with music of local musicians and their "traditional" songs to accompany you. Also on deck the atmosphere is unique!

"Kässpätzlepartie": Original "Vorarlberger" cheese pasta in a wooden bowl served with sauteed onions,  green salad and apple purée

In cooperation with the FEINBRENNEREI PRINCE schnapps distillery, Hörbranz

departure harbor Bregenz 19.30 / arrival harbor Bregenz 21.30/ entry 19.00

Package price incl. boat trip, Kässpätzlepartie, table reservation, arrival / departure VVV 

Adults € 41.70
Groups € 39.20
Children € 23.30