Captain´s Brunch | Vorarlberg Lines
Captain´s Brunch

Come aboard and treat yourself to a remarkable Sunday morning with unique panoramic views. The tour takes you past the Festival grounds, the Bregenz "Skyline", the mouth of the Rhine, the Kaiserstrand beach in Bregenz, then returning Bregenz.

Etagere service

  • Reception: 1 glass of Prosecco
  • Drinks: coffee, soda, juice, tea or hot chocolate
  • Etagere: pastries, butter, spread, sausage, cheese, prosciutto, fruit salad, natural yoghurt,
  • Bircher muesli, croissant, liver sausage, jam, Nutella, honey, smoked salmon
  • Orderable on board: Small "Wiener Schnitzel", scrambled eggs, bacon, pretzel, white sausage, sweet mustard
Schedule and prices

departure harbor Bregenz 10.45 / arrival harbor Bregenz 12.45 / entry 10.15


Price incl. boat trip, captain´s brunch (Pier69 - On Board), table reservation, arrival /departure VVV


Adults € 49,50
Groups € 46,80
Children € 25,90

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