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Safety measures COVID-19

Safety on board Vorarlberg Lines Bodenseeschifffahrt on Lake Constance ...

that's possible! Because the health of our guests and our employees is important, the shipping industry has always been working in accordance with the applicable regulations since the beginning of the situation COVID-19 with a hygiene and prevention concept and takes the applicable regulations very seriously.

1. Service, protective measures and safety rules apply to the entire shipping industry:


Guests can conveniently order tickets for pleasure, adventure, premium and round trips at contactlessly. Tickets can also be purchased at the port cash desk or on the ship; cashless payment is possible.

  •     FFP2 MASK

It is also compulsory to wear the FFP2 mask when purchasing tickets in the customer service office Seestraße 4, at the port of Bregenz at the "Welle" cash desk and on the ships. Except for the consumption of drinks and food at the seat, here the FFP2 mask can be removed during consumption. There is also no need to wear a FFP2 mask in the outside area of ​​the ship (please observe the distance).


The decks of the ships are disinfected at regular intervals.


Maintaining the prescribed minimum distance from other people is important to us. Please adhere to this to protect yourself and others.


2. also valid for pleasure trips & charter trips


All guests on pleasure & charter ship cruises are obliged to present an officially certified test for SARS-CoV-2 with a negative result when entering the ship. The validity of the test I recoverd ord vaccination results differs as follows:

  •     Negative PCR test (maximum 72 hours old - validity 3 days)
  •     Negative antigen test (maximum 48 hours old - validity 2 days)
  •     Negative antigen self-test with digital solution (maximum 24 hours old - validity 1 day)

In Austria, a test is compulsory for children from the age of 12. For children from Austria from 12 years of age, in addition to the tests mentioned, the "school test passes" are also recognized as entry tests (validity max. 48 hours old - validity 2 days).


These are exempt from the obligation to test for six months after the infection has expired. Evidence includes, for example, a separation notice or a medical confirmation that an infection has been confirmed by molecular biology.
Evidence of neutralizing antibodies counts for three months from the time of the test.


  • The first vaccination is valid from the 22nd day after the 1st prick for a maximum of 3 months from the time of vaccination.
  • The 2nd stitch extends the period of validity by a further 6 months (thus a total of 9 months from the 1st stitch).
  • Vaccines for which only one vaccination is intended (e.g. from Johnson & Johnson) are valid from the 22nd day after vaccination for a total of 9 months from the day of vaccination.
  • For people who have already recovered and who have previously been vaccinated, the vaccination is valid for 9 months from the time of vaccination.
  • valid for vaccines which are approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA)

The test can be in digital or printed form.


Depending on the regulation, the number of guests on the ships is significantly limited in accordance with the regulation valid in the period. Nothing stands in the way of an enjoyable / entertaining boat trip with plenty of room and space on board.

Indoor maximum of 8 people plus children per table.
Outdoor maximum of 16 people plus children.
1 meter distance between the groups of people.



Vorarlberg Lines Bodenseeschifffahrt ensures that guests are registered in accordance with data protection regulations. The data is of course collected in accordance with our data protection declaration and only passed on to the health authorities if there is a suspicion of infection in the audience.

3. ... also valid for cultural events on the ship

In addition to the aforementioned points of the pleasure trip, the regulations for admission with the above-mentioned tests also apply to cultural events. Wearing FFP2 respirators is compulsory during the entire stay inside the ship.

4. valid for scheduled shipping (liner shipping AT / DE)
In addition to the points mentioned

  • Distance to the ship
  • FFP2 mask requirement (IMPORTANT: the mask must be worn outside on the scheduled ship due to the special regulations in DE)

No further regulations apply to scheduled shipping! (Only the ticket is checked upon entry).
IMPORTANT: However, for entry and exit Germany-Austria, guests must have proof of one of the three points: "Tested, vaccinated or recovered." Please note the valid time periods and the validity of the vaccines in DE and AT with the vaccination certificate. The validity periods of the countries must also be observed for the tests (PCR / antigen).
You can find more information about the regulations in Germany here.

5. valid for tours

In addition to the points mentioned

  •     Distance to the ship
  •     FFP2 mask requirement (as described in point 1!)

No further regulations apply to tours with a stop! (Only the ticket is checked upon entry).
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