Fondue Cruise | Vorarlberg Lines

Evoke the Christmas spirit by arranging for a company, club, or private party on our comfortable, heated ship. Enjoy either a Swiss- style cheese fondue or opt for a classic fondue with a variety of meats, spicy sauces and crunchy salads.

Cheese Fondue: The ‘classic’ fondue,
with mixed pickles, a glass of cherries, crisp salad buffet from the island of Reichenau.

Fondue Chinoise: chicken, turkey, pork and beef cooked in a hearty meat soup, various tasty savory sauces, and fresh salad bar from the island of Reichenau.  The remaining broth is then flavored with sherry and used as a delicious post- entrée soup.

Package price incl. boat trip, Fondue, Salad buffet, table reservation, arrival / departure VVV

Cheese Fondue
€ 43,00
Group: € 40,20
Kids: € 24,50

Fondue Chinoise
€ 49,70
Group: € 46,40
Kids: € 24,90